Location: Ireland , is a sovereign state in north-western Europe occupying about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin, which is located on the eastern part of the island, and whose metropolitan area is home to around a third of the country’s 4.75 million inhabitants.

Climate:The Atlantic Ocean and the warming influence of the Gulf Stream affect weather patterns in Ireland. Temperatures differ regionally, with central and eastern areas tending to be more extreme. However, due to a temperate oceanic climate, temperatures are seldom lower than −5 °C (23 °F) in winter or higher than 26 °C (79 °F) in summer. The highest temperature recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C (91.9 °F) on 26 June 1887 at Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny, while the lowest temperature recorded was −19.1 °C (−2.4 °F) at Markree Castle in Sligo.

Education: Ireland has three levels of education: primary, secondary and higher education. The education systems are largely under the direction of the Government via the Minister for Education and Skills. Recognized primary and secondary schools must adhere to the curriculum established by the relevant authorities. Education is compulsory between the ages of six and fifteen years, and all children up to the age of eighteen must complete the first three years of secondary, including one sitting of the Junior Certificate examination.

Population: 4.6 million people.

Currency: EUR.

The cost of living / month:  400 EUR

The Cities



Cork is located on the southern coast of Ireland, a small city and a worm، and cost of living considered low.

  • Cork 16°C 16°C
  • Cork 119,230 people 119,230 people
  • Cork 5°C 5°C


Derry: officially Londonderry, is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth-largest city on the island of Ireland.The old walled city lies on the ..

  • Derry 17°C 17°C
  • Derry 90.736 people 90.736 people
  • Derry 2°C 2°C


The capital city of Ireland, it has been selected as the most friendly city in Europe. And is famous for its old style historical and ..

  • Dublin 20°C 20°C
  • Dublin 527,612 People 527,612 People
  • Dublin 3°C 3°C


Galway : is a city in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht. Galway City Council is the local authority for the city. ..

  • Galway 19°C 19°C
  • Galway 79.504 people 79.504 people
  • Galway 3°C 3°C

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